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How Can We Help You?

There's more to health than just not being sick.

Pelvic X-Ray

Back Pain

At some point in our lives most of us will experience back or neck pain. Pain can have many causes and at times can be misleading. For example, two people with apparently similar symptoms can be suffering from two very different conditions.

Chiropractors have five years of university training that allows them to quickly identify the cause of your spinal pain and provide appropriate treatment or referral. Most back and neck pain conditions can be relieved with conservative treatment, without the need for drugs or surgery. Chiropractic is proven to be a very safe and effective approach to pain relief.

Many people have had spinal problems for years before they first notice any pain or symptoms. The structure of the spine allows it to absorb large amounts of stress from our daily activities before causing pain and eventually wearing out. Your chiropractor can identify where your current and potential future spinal problem areas are. Treatment of these problem areas helps restore normal spinal function, allowing the body to heal and then perform to its best.


Preventing future spinal problems is an important part of chiropractic practice. Your Chiropractor will regularly prescribe exercises and give advice on workplace safety, posture and lifestyle habits which will help to maintain healthy spinal function throughout life. A proactive approach is the best way to recover and avoid pain.



There are many causes of headaches but they most commonly result from mechanical problems around the top of the spine. Published scientific studies have proven that treatment to correct spinal problems is an effective method of providing relief to headache sufferers.

Chiropractors are trained to identify these mechanical causes of headaches and can advise on treatment that is both very safe and effective. It is a common experience for many of our patients to get relief from headaches under chiropractic care when other therapies have failed.

Prenancy in White


Pregnancy is often a time of great excitement, but as a woman’s body changes so does the stress on her spine. This change in the way the body needs to function can lead to spinal problems. It is common but not normal for pregnant women to experience back pain or other health issues.


During pregnancy your chiropractor can very safely adjust the movement of the spine using gentle techniques to help the body work properly and remove possible irritation to the nervous system. Chiropractic can help at all stages of pregnancy but the best approach is prevention. Spinal checks before conception can identify spinal problems early so that they can be corrected or managed to allow for optimal health during pregnancy.

Just as pregnancy is a natural process chiropractic works by improving the normal functioning of the woman’s body without drugs. After the baby is born the woman’s body continues to change. The demands of a newborn are many and having a healthy spine and nervous system make the whole experience better for everyone. Chiropractic checks can help both mother and baby.

A Toddler and a Baby

Children and Babies

The conception and development of a new life is an amazing natural process. Two cells come together then grow at a remarkable rate for nine months before birth.


The very first observable organ to develop in utero is the baby's nervous system. The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. This essential system develops first so that it can control all growth and development through birth and beyond.


From the beginnings of life there are stresses that can affect the normal functioning of the spine which in turn can cause interference to the nervous system. At birth the baby's spine and muscles are only partially developed and are unable to support controlled movement.


Chiropractors are trained to identify and correct these spinal dysfunctions. The techniques that Chiropractors use are modified to suit children of all ages and have been shown to assist in managing a wide range of disorders such as colic, digestive problems, poor sleeping and infections. Very gentle and safe methods are used to restore normal spinal movement and allow for optimum health and development.

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